Our Community

Discovery School is totally parent owned and governed.  We are lucky to have a talented and committed Director and an outstanding Staff, but it is only with our cooperative effort that we can provide the best possible preschool environment for our children.  Our goal is for any parent who wants to send their child to Discovery School to be able to do so, so we depend on maintaining tuition prices that are affordable and competitive, as well as establishing a scholarship fund to provide financial assistance to qualified families.

There are several annual events that have become part of the Discovery School tradition to foster a sense of responsibility and sharing. On various occasions during the year children and their families are given the opportunity to give to those in need in a meaningful and understandable way (e.g. a Thanksgiving food drive, a Holiday season toy, clothing and food drive or a special collection for children in crisis).

Our annual fall Carnival is a child centered & our annual spring Benefit is an adult only event focusing on celebrating the accomplishments of our community.

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