Our teachers & staff account for over 300+ years experience in early childhood education.

1974 – 1975 Discovery School of San Antonio incorporates as a parent-governed, non-profit, private preschool at First Unitarian Church  807 Beryl SAT 78213 

Director: Marian Swellander 

1982 – 1983  Discovery School relocates in March 1983 to Woodlawn Christian Church 1744 W. Gramercy   SAT 78201

Director: Mary Lou Schaeffer

President of the Board: Mary Stanchak
Enrollment: 80

1988 – 1989   
President of the Board: Soonalyn Jacob
First Discovery School Benefit:  Gala in a vacant commercial lease space on 410

1989 – 1990  is accredited by NAEYC  Enrollment: 108

1990 – 1991  Discovery School purchases property in August and moves into our forever home in October at 222 Salem  SAT 78201.

President of the Board: Nancy Kenney
Enrollment: 120

1991 – 1992 Discovery School repays $8,660 in parent loans

1992 – 1993 Discovery School is re-accredited by NAEYC (one of 16 programs in area)  Discovery School repays $13,000 in parent loans

President of the Board: Janet Mirza
Enrollment:  175

1993 – 1994  Discovery School repays $43,450 in parent loans and re-negotiates remaining debt of $145,000

President of the Board: Sherrie Klein 
Enrollment: 163

1994 – 1995  Discovery School celebrates it’s 20th Birthday at Celebration Square 

President of the Board: Nancy Hurley

1995 – 1996 Discovery School is re-accredited by NAEYC

1999 – 2000 Discovery School is re-accredited by NAEYC
Discovery School’s 25th Anniversary and Scheben Garden dedication

2004 – 2005 Discovery School makes its final “mortgage” payment in October & celebrates “30 yrs of Making a Difference – Discovery School’s 30th Birthday” at Aggie Park

President of the Board: Steve Spezia Shwiff

2011 – 2012  “Alice Ramirez Day” proclaimed in Texas House by Rep. Roland Gutierrez and Discovery School celebrates Alice Ramirez’s 35th Anniversary at Valero 

President of the Board: Alex Cerna

2014 – 2015  Discovery School celebrates it’s 40th Anniversary with a Benefit theme of “Happy 40th Birthday, Discovery School!”  Honoring Maggie Gillikin at Valero

President of the Board: Wendi Landrum

2016 – 2017
Discovery School purchases adjacent property, The Butterfly Wing; Discovery School is re-accredited by NAEYC

President of the Board: Cory Fritz


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