To walk through the gates of Discovery School is to know that you are entering a wondrous place that loves and embraces children, their joy of learning, their boundless energy, and their constant curiosity.   At the heart of this amazing school is Ms. Mary, our devoted Director who has remained committed to our children and our city for 25 years.   Without her love for the school, her commitment to early education and her belief in the magic of  children,   Discovery School  as we  know it,  would  not

exist.  So to honor Ms. Mary’s unwavering devotion through these years, we would like to hold a special fundraiser to show our gratitude for all she has done.  The funds that are raised will go towards completion of Ms. Mary’s Wish List for Discovery School.  Your donations will finance necessary capital improvements and further the professional development of our teachers and staff. Please consider the profound impact Discovery School has had in your life and in that of your children when you are donating…


With much love and appreciation to you and to our amazing Ms. Mary,

The Discovery School Board of Directors